Game Stake

Stake to Earn Ecosystem

Game Stake is a decentralized launch platform that unites technology with the gaming universe.

Metaverse Aggregator

Let's make it possible to accept projects from the metaverse to the stake aggregator

Web 3.0 Launchpad

with launchpad active you will be able to submit your project and it will be posted on the website

Stakers Governance

full stake system working and secure you have a lot possibilities

Token & economics


As you can see this is our part of tokenomics with it you can see all the distribution of tokens and liquidity for the project will be followed as described

any other information about some of the items listed can be obtained via the wiki at the link described at the top of the page

  • Liquidity – 29%
  • Pre Sale– 50%
  • Partners – 5%
  • Stake – 10%
  • unlocked – 1%
  • Marketing – 10%
  • Community – 5%

Download The Resources

• Bet to win Bet and win! By participating in the bet, you monetize your tokens and gradually receive lottery tickets to participate in the next projects of the game, buying at the initial price.


contains all information about the project



a simplified version


Pitch Deck

coming soon


Some Of Our
Awesome Partners

These are our partnerships some are direct others can be simply by indication any change is changed immediately.
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